The following price schedules apply from 1 January 2015:

Downloads from C-GIDD directly by customers (the most common way to acquire datasets)

The price is specified on the "Selection Summary" screen and is based on the number of cells chosen with a volume rebate applied. Each transaction has to be less than USD 4,000 (to protect against fraud).

Canback performs C-GIDD queries on behalf of customers

Sometimes, customers ask us to perform queries directly on the website on their behalf. The standard price for this is the larger amount of:

  • The regular price as computed on the website plus USD 225 per hour of work by our staff
  • USD 600

That is, any download made by Canback on behalf of customers will cost at least USD 600. These prices are for replicating the exact downloads available on the website. They do not apply to system errors or PayPal payment problems, in which case we will charge the regular website price.

Delivery of datasets will be made within 24 hours of the request.

Canback builds custom datasets from existing C-GIDD data

We are often approached about creating custom datasets from C-GIDD. We are delighted to do this if data is readily available. A custom dataset is, e.g., income brackets in local currency or income brackets that shift over time.

The price for custom datasets is the regular price as computed on the website plus USD 225 per hour of work, with a minimum of one day (USD 1,800). We will estimate time and price before starting on any custom work.

Canback builds custom datasets from data other than C-GIDD

We regularly are asked to build custom datasets that only to a limited extent build on C-GIDD. Examples include a dataset for household spending for all cities in Africa above 100,000 inhabitants (C-GIDD covers 500,000+) and a dataset for 40 countries with ICT and electric appliances spending by income level.

For such projects, we charge a weekly fee of USD 20,000 with a minimum of one week of work. This is for a project team of one part-time manager and a business analyst, and quality control by our managing director.

We will document the effort in a 1-2 page proposal with time and fee estimates before starting any custom work.

Download mistakes

We understand that sometimes our customers might make a mistake and press the "download" button too early. We are happy to revert the charges if you have mistakenly downloaded duplicate data or discovered that you wanted a slightly different run. Please contact us immediately at and we will assist you with your payment. Please note that we only revert charges on the downloads made within 48 hours before the refund request.