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C-GIDD Classic

The Canback Global Income Distribution Database (C-GIDD) is the only database with comprehensive and detailed GDP and household income data for all countries in the world. Data is available not only at the national level, but by subdivisions (states, provinces, etc.), major cities, other urban and rural entities as well. We cover 213 countries, 697 subdivisions, and 997 cities from 1990 till 2029.

There is also a long-term (1970-2039) database at the national level.

C-GIDD was introduced as a commercial, web-based service in 2008 and is now on its twenty-fifth update cycle.

The real benefit of the database is that it quantifies how many households are at a certain income level. That is, how many households are in a given income bracket or socioeconomic level. It does this with a uniform global standard based on purchasing power parity, so that Mumbai, for example, can be compared to Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. Click here for a description of C-GIDD.

Moreover, we have complemented the income data with social, demographic, and psychographic data so that we have a comprehensive picture of the world’s consumers. There is also a benchmark products module consisting of 20 products and services, such as cellular phone penetration or insurance sales, that can be used for comparisons. These data sets are not available on the commercial website since we use them for internal (consulting) purposes.

C-GIDD sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Database

Given sub-Saharan Africa’s rapid growth, large corporations are shifting their focus and devoting more resources to the region. This includes the need to prioritize investment among countries and even cities. These needs led Canback to develop the SSA database.

With a dataset that includes 393 cities, we offer a wider and more in-depth view of sub-Saharan African cities. This in turn allows for more accurate as-is evaluations and better-informed to-be projections:

  • Gross domestic product
  • Household spending
  • Income distribution
  • Socioeconomic levels
  • Population

C-GIDD Custom Web Portals

We are increasingly asked to build custom web portals for global companies. These portals integrate the company’s category and brand data (volume, revenue, etc.) with C-GIDD and adds other variables such as ethnic composition or age brackets. The data is often analyzed at the sub-national/city level.

The web portals provide the customer’s executives and analysts exclusive access to download and manipulate the data. We also provide discussion board and support services.

Today, these portals represent the vast majority of our revenue from C-GIDD and we expect this trend to continue.

A portal development effort has the following steps:

  1. A specification is drawn up by the customer and Canback. It covers data needs and sources (which geographic units, categories/brands, macroeconomic and socioeconomic variables, years to cover, frequency of updates, etc.)
  2. A Canback team creates robust datasets and models future demand based on statistical analyses
  3. Our IT partner, Analytix Solutions, builds the portal based on a technical and data variables specification. The goal is to make it as similar to the classic C-GIDD site as possible. The discussion board and other interactive features are added
  4. The portal goes live after around 3-4 months of development and analysis

The web portals are paid for in three ways:

  • The customer pays for the original dataset development
  • Our IT partner is paid for their infrastructure development effort
  • Canback is paid an annual subscription fee. The fee covers all support, maintenance, semi-annual updates, and training