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C-GIDD is the world's most comprehensive and detailed database for GDP and income distribution data. The dataset covers 212 countries, 694 subdivisions (states, provinces, etc.) and 1,023 major cities Cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants from 1998 till 2018. Fully harmonized data are available in local currency, purchasing power parity (PPP) and US dollars in constant and current values. In addition, there is a long-term, national dataset covering each of the 212 countries. Click here for a brochure.

Income data are not only available at the aggregate level. You can also find how many individuals or households there are within an income bracket or socioeconomic class for each geographic unit. Such data are not available from any other source in the world.

C-GIDD is a key resource for marketing professionals, strategic planners, management consultants, investment bankers, academic researchers and others who need globally comparable income data at a detailed level. Click here for an article that describes and leverages the database.

The econometric development and data collection efforts started in 1994. This is the fourth edition. Major updates Shortly after the IMF releases its semi-annual 5-year GDP growth forecast that is the basis for our projections into the future are made every year in May and November. Announcements are posted at CGIDD_News on Twitter and notes are posted on our Facebook Page.

NEWS:  Download our (currently free) report on Mexico. It illustrates how C-GIDD data can be used. Feedback is welcome.

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